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With Online Backup your data is being backed up by making use of the Internet.
The very first backup may take a long time, depending on your internet upload speed and the size of your data. After that, only changes are transmitted. All data transmission is compressed and protected by encryption.

Backups are automatically running in background. You just declare which data should be protected, that's all. No schedule is required. Even though you are working on a document, it is backed up using VSS, a snapshot technology built into the Operating System.
The Backup Software id free of charge, you only pay for the storage you reserved in the Online Backup System.

The Online Backup Systems itself is protected by redundant Disks.
All data stored on Disk is for maximum security encrypted.

Your User profile:

  • You have important private data on you PC / Laptop
  • You have sensitive business data on your PC / Laptop
  • Your kids are working on school projects using the PC / Laptop

If this is your profile you should seriously think about to save your data regularly!

easy working

Data for backup processing are easily selected with a few mouse clicks. Once selected, data is protected without any further action.

Safe and fast data security

The backup software makes use of local data deduplication and compression to get the fastest possible transfer rate with the lowest possible bandwidth. All backups are made on block level differences.

Data restoration uses a intuitive wizard for easy handling. Some data may be previewed before the actual restore (e.g. Word, Excel etc).

Intelligent and easy Backups

The Backup software recognizes file versions in order to restore any changes.
The basic contract already contains a retention time of 30 days. During the retention time any version is available for restoration.
The most actual version is during the contract time restorable all the time, except if actively deleted.

Confidential and safe

The software uses special technologies and industry standards for data protection and to ensure data safety. All the data is transferred encrypted and compressed over the internet. The safest methods are applied to protect data against unauthorized access.
The data will only be stored in our own data center at our headquarters.

Supported languages

The backup client software is currently only available in English and French.

Internet Link

Although you may use a modem link, you should prefer a xDSL link. An upload rate of 128kBit might be adequate, but the higher the better and obviously the faster it goes.
You should take care to use a flate rate contract in order to avoid high costs.

System Hardware & Software
  • Intel-Compatible PC with a Pentium Pro processor, AMD Athlon or AMD Duron processor (Pentium II or higher)
  • 128 MB RAM (512 MB required for Disaster Recovery)
  • 100 MB of free disk space (500 MB recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit), Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard or Enterprise Edition
  • Mac OS X version 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) or 10.5.x (Leopard) or 10.4.11 (Tiger)


I already make regular data backup onto an external disk. Shall I also consider making Online Backups ?
Yes indeed. A backup onto an external disk is not a bad idea but only as a temry solution.
If your external disk fails, your data is not protected anymore. You may avoid this with a second or a third drive, but most likely are you also missing generations (versions) of backups. Unless you have them you are safe.
... and it is cumbersome, manual and probably not processed when urgently required!

By using a fully automated solution you no longer have to think about.
Our solution tracks any change and saves it automatically !  

What about data security on the Online Backup System?
All the data is transferred encrypted and compressed over the internet. The safest methods are applied to protect data against unauthorized access.

If I do not have Internet connectivity, how is my data protected ?
Any change is locally cached. This cache is then transmitted to the Online System as soon as internet connectivity is back.

Each Computer System requires 1 License.

Pricing is based on reserved Online Backup Disk Space per month and will be invoiced for 1 year in advance.
Online Backup Disk Space cannot be shared between different systems.

Price per 10 GB (10240 MB): CHF 10.-- / excl. VAT

Example: 2 PC's, 1 PC uses 50 GB, 1 PC uses 10 GB Online Backup Disk Space:

PC 1: 50 GB Online Backup Diskspace: 5 * CHF 10 = CHF 50.00
PC 2: 10 GB Online Backup Diskspace: 1 * CHF 10 = CHF 10.00

Total: CHF 60.00 * 12 = CHF 720.00 / Year

Included is:

The basic contract includes a retention time of 30 days. During the retention time any file version (max 1000)  is available for restoration.
During the contract period, the most actual version is always available, unless manually deleted .


Please call us or send us an eMail to order our Online Backup services.


You may also apply for a test drive. For the time of 10 days you can test our Online Backup service for free. Please send us an eMail.