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Managed Infrastructure Storage Solution
MISS Office, the SMB Storage Product

Based on Enterprise NAS Systems, especially built for SMB's, the MISS Office Product Family is a brand new product on the market.

From now on, you will have your data ready in your office and right now in a safe place too.

While you are working, all data will be saved Online - data is sent safely encrypted to our Datacenter in Switzerland.

Data will not be stored in an anonymous Cloud but with you on your MISS Office System and in our own Datacenter.

Any change on data is automatically recognized and saved which means, that during the specified retention time any version is ready for restoration. A Data Recovery Process is easy and intuitive thru an implemented Restore Wizard.


Based on standard modern Hardware and Software Technology, we developed a brand new Storage Solution.


The System only consumes very low power (approx 50W) and shows low-noise operation.

Server Functionalty

The System can be used as a File- and Print-Server and is protected by a Disk Mirror. Firewall and Antivirus-Software is built in as well.


An integrated and pre-configured Online-Backup with a File Version Management-Sytem is responsible to protect your data in case of a Disaster, may it be a complete damage of your device, may it be an accidental fault, data can be recovered any time.

Additional Functions

Numerous additional functions are built in. The front features a display which continuously indicates the System-, Network- and Diskstatus. Also Diagnose- and Remote Management Tools are implemented to maintain the System.

Maintenance and Warranty

We will maintain your System during the whole contractperiod (min 1 year). The System will be kept on actual security standards as well as we care for any other technical issues if so.
A 3 year warranty protects the Hardware (Bufallo).



Currently 3 models are available. The only difference is disk capacity:

  • MISS Office 1000 (Base-Model), HDD 2 x 1TB, available Diskspace as NON-Online protected area: 500GB
  • MISS Office 2000 (Medium Modell), HDD 2 x 2TB, available Diskspace as NON-Online protected area: 1500GB
  • MISS Office 3000 (Large Model), HDD 2 x 3TB,, available Diskspace as NON-Online protected area: 2500GB

The basic configuration contains 10 GB Online protected area for all models which can be extended if required.



Internet Link

All you need is a xDSL link. An Upload Rate of 128kBit may fit but the higher the better.
Make sure that you have a plan with a Flat-Rate. If not, additional costs may occur.

System Hardware & Software

Hardware: Desktop or Laptop Computer, NAS Systems, Server Systems

Software:  Windows 7 or higher, WinXP, WinVista, Mac OS X (Samba Fileservices)

System Limits MISS Office 1000


Online protected available Diskspace, locally mirrored: 10 GB, Retention period 30 Days

NON-Online protected available Diskspace, locally mirrored: 500GB

Concurrent active connections with MISS Office System: 10



All available documentation can be downloaded here Downloads->MISS Office

Procurement Costs

Base Model MISS Office 1000: CHF 700.-- / exkl. VAT, other models please request a quote

Included in the price are Hardware, Software licenses, Documentation, Delivery, Setup-Fees and a short introduction (via RemoteSupport).

You are the owner of the device all the time (purchase). After cancelling the contract period (min 1 year) the device will be unlocked and all Backup- and Remote Management Software removed.

Monthly Costs

As of CHF 127.50, exkl. VAT.
Included are 10 GB protected Online Backup Storage with 30 days retention period.
During the retention period, beginning with a file creation or a file change, any version can be recovered.
During the contract period, at least the most recent version can be recovered all the time.

Monthly costs are used to cover the Online-Infrastructure, Maintenance- and Support Services and costs for the storage on our servers.

Online Backup Storage may be increased in steps of 10 GB for the price of CHF 10.00, excl. VAT.
The retention period may be increased in steps of 10 days for the price of CHF 10.00, excl. VAT.

Support Costs

All Systems are pre-configured, ready for usage. For continuity reasons, all systems remain under our own control during the contract period. As the customer you will have just the user rights. All Admin rights remain with us. After a termination of a contract Admin rights will be transferred to you.

This is the only way to keep supportcosts as low as possible. You will not face any additional costs.

Exception: special configuration setups going beyond the base configuration concept will be invoiced on a time and material basis.
Current valid T&M costs will apply. (see Downloads->PricingList)