TECCON Systems Ltd.

Technical Consultants


... instantly On-Site, if anything breaks.

We provide On-Site Support services. Prerequisite is that someone of your company is present, or that we have access to your locations.
On your request we will pass by to support you finding a solution for the problem.

Certain contracts guarantee on-site support within agreed times scales.
Please take note that travel time and travel expenses are in addition to labor work.

Alternatively you may use our Online Support.


... Help at a glance

Online Support is carried out by using the Internet. It requires that you have at least one system ready correctly working with an internet connection.
If their is no active internet connectivity available, you may order on-site support.

Online Support uses a safely encrypted Screen Sharing functionality. It allows you to watch us at work. This way you may benefit of our knowledge. We are also able to explain you step-by-step how to act for future similar problems.

In order to use our Online Support, please contact us on our support phone number and/or visit us at Online Support Portal.


... your contact point:

Business hours:

08:00 - 12:00 CET
14:00 - 17:00 CET

Support Pone: +41 41 784 4013
Support Fax: +41 41 784 4011

Email: support@teccon.com

... what will it cost ?

Please download our pricing list. You will find there our current terms and conditions.