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Cloud Services - Virtual Infrastructure Solution - die technische Möglichkeit, Hardware Resourcen besser zu nutzen

Nowadays, Server Systems are so performant that the most of the time they just drain elecrtical energy.
The question now is, how can I make use of that huge power? Well the answer is just as simple as to give them more to eat.
By integrating virtualisation technology into the hardware it is now possible to run more than just one operating system at the time.
Instead of purchasing two, three or even more physical systems you just take one and run it as a host system, hosting several guest systems, running as "virtual" systems on top of it.


  • Save money for procurement
  • Save moeny for electrical energy on the server as well as for the AC's
  • Optimal use of available resources
  • easy scalability

All virtual systems are runing as guest systems under control of the host operating system.
Another advantage of a virtual system lies in it's independance of the physical hardware.
Portability to another hardware is a no-brainer if the target host is running the same virtualisation technology.

Your IT System, your Data - protected - maintained - backed-up ...

IT Tasks may not be you core business.

Nevertheless, almost all companies have to operate kind of a Server and PC infrastructure.
To run a server just in office space, unprotected from dust, heat and physical access is a serious risk.

In order to protect data stored on a server system, the system must be well protected from unauthorised physical access. Otherwise, data theft is a no-brainer.

Do you take regular data backups? Where do you store these backups?

You probably have not even a fire in your office - the total destruction of your server due to overvoltage (lightning) through a thunderstorm is, however, not unlikely.

How fast will you have your infrastructure backup up? How fast will you get back your data?
The insurance will pay for your systems but not for the time you loose for restoration of your infrastructure.

In order to protect you from such szenarios, we have invested time and money to provide a service specially for the SMB market.

Without investing in expensive infrastructure (facilities, hardware, software), you can benefit from all the advantages of a professional IT infrastructure.
Includes backup and support.

Perhaps you have to work from home sometime, you need access to your data stored in the office?
You are on vacation and you need urgently information for a customer.

Have a look at our VIS Solution.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to conatct us.
We will gladly explain the opportunities for this product in a personal interview.

Further information is available from our Flyer.


simple to use

1. you connect to the VIS System
The connection is setup by a VPN connection. This connection is encrypted using the latest technology.
2. you launch an application like Word, Excel or any other Program
As you are used to use your normal PC Desktop you will be presented with a Desktop from the VIS System.
3. you edit, maintain your data, deal with emails
All your data is exclusively stored in your VIS System. No one else can access your data.
4. you even may print some data
You may even use a locally connected printer or a network printer as well.
5. you finish your work, close all applications
As you are used to close an local PC application you close an application on the VIS System.
6. you disconnect from the VIS System
The encrypted VPN connection will be closed.


That's all. We will care for the rest.
  • System Maintenance
  • Data Backup




Cinfidential and safe

All your data is exclusively stored in your VIS System. No one else can access your data.


Internet Link:
You can make use of it with an xDSL link. The upload bandwidth of 300kBit may fit your need. But as always, the faster the better.

Pentium III CPU or higher, 128 MB RAM or more, TCP/IP Network, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows Systems
Linux Systems

Our recommendation:
The overall best performance gains are reached with Windows 7 or higher. In order to use the applications Microsofts RDP protocol is used.
The RDP is available to almost all operating systems, allthough the implementation under Windows 7 or higher shows the best performance.



Please note the dedicated VIS solution is only useful as of 2 users.


License cost (exclusive VAT):
from CHF 750.-- / month

2 users, 10GB Disk-Space, MS Office, MS Exchange (2GB each user),
Antivirus, Antispam, Backup (1 Month retention time)

additional user license:
from CHF 69.-- / month
(activation at any time)

no setup fees* (* OS, MS Office, Antivirus)
Minimal contract time 12 Months
User accounts can be cancelled by months end


Please call for quote.


Below you can download the VIS System Flyer.


What is the difference between a Cloud Service and Virtual Infrastructure (VIS) ?
The "Cloud" or a "Cloud Service" is a service usually provided by making use of the Internet.
This service is operated on server systems that are physically or virtually present.
In one case, we speak about physical infrastructure in the other about virtual infrastructure.

A "Virtual Infrastructure" is run on a "Physical Infrastructure" in order to use a fraction of the required resources of it.
This approach allows to save a lot of electrical energy and to optimize the hardware usage.
What is the difference between a "Private Cloud" and a "Public Cloud" ?
The "Public Cloud" is a cloud service being used by everyone who wants to participate. It does not matter whether the service is free of chatge or not. Examples are iCloud, GoogleApps, Amazon Elastic Cloud, Windows Sky Drive etc.

A "Private Cloud" is as indicated by its name, privat. The service is usually operated inside a complany - designated as internal (or private) cloud, although accessible thru the internet, but only for employees.
Do I need a new PC in oder to use VIS ?
Generally no, unless you have a PC that does not meet the system requirements. Please look under Pre-Requisites.

Which Software license do I have to purchase ?
None, if you only will use MS Office, Exchange and Outlook.
Additional software like financial accounting, ERp or CRM systems have to be pruchased separately.
We will support you if required.

We also have confidential data which must not be accessible by all users. Does VIS allow us to segregate that ?
You alone decide, which user gets access to which data and we configure and maintain the system for acting so. This service is included and free of charge.

We would like to use MS Office and financial accounting. How do we install FA ?
Any software installation is provided as a service and cannot be done yourself. Even though these kind of installation/implementation is not free of charge, it is one of the basics that you will get a working system. It is usually necessary to make inquiries as to whether different systems do not interfere with each other.